Secrets of the Rich and Successful

I attended a great presentation by David Reynolds, author of ‘Discover the Power – Secrets of the Rich and Successful’ today. He considered 4 A’s to be key ingredients for success:

Attitude – being positive; honest; considerate; polite; tactful; reliable. Look for the good in the situation – is your glass half empty or half full? Essentially, this acts like a magnet and attracts positives from those around you.

Ability – know how things are done

Activity – be purposeful and delegate what you are not good at and do it now

Accountability – find out how you are performing; get a mentor / coach to talk things through. He told the story of a young man who was overheard on the telephone calling someone about a gardening job. The conversation went along the lines…’so you already have a gardener…ah, well – are you happy with that gardener…you are…ok, thank you’. The comment when he came off the phone was that he was remarkably polite and that he would be an asset to any company. To which he replied, ‘oh no, I already have a job as a gardener with that lady…I was just checking to see if she was happy with me’

Backing all this up, he confirmed the old advice – study the habits of those you consider successful. Finally – live up to your potential as we all have great things within us. I think that about sums it all up – no complicated equations or rules…simple and straightforward. As Arthur Rubenstein said – “I have found that if you love life, life will love you back.”