Judeline Nicholas

Judeline is passionate about Learning and Development and creating the best opportunities for organisations and individuals. Her key specialism is in Diversity Matters, supporting clients with policy and practice reviews through to the design and delivery of programmes. She also presents programmes on Effective Recruitment, Performance Management, Conflict Resolution, Working Well as a Team and Stress Management

She leads and co-ordinates a network of Associates who are experts in their respective fields (lawyers, magistrates, social workers, counsellors, HR specialists) on training and consultancy projects in the UK and USA.

Judeline is also an Employment Tribunal Member, a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development and a Fellow of the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning.

Valerie Brown-Beckford

Valerie has over 18 years’ experience as a Lecturer, HRD Specialist and as Mentor. Valerie has worked for numerous organisations including the education, private and public sectors, her specialist areas are personal development for staff and first tier management development to groups and 121.

As well as being a member of several professional bodies, Valerie takes a keen interest in research and development around human resource development and issues that impact on learning and development. Consequently, she is pursuing an MSc in HRD & Performance Management with the University of Leicester Centre for Labour Market Research.

• Her aim is to use her skills and knowledge to encourage and motivate individuals to become the best they can be, by unlocking skills they already possess.

• She also believes the key to success of any learning event depends on using a systematic approach to deliver effective instruction with high impact for both individuals and organisation.

Martin Oakeshott

Martin is an experienced manager, team leader and trainer. He has worked as a teacher in the public and private sectors and as a manager and trainer in adult and further education. He is qualified as a teacher, counsellor and assessor. He has also had experience as a trustee and manager in the voluntary sector, in organisations delivering educational and international development programmes.

Key areas of expertise are:
• Supporting managers to develop strategic vision, identify priorities and implement practical management approaches
• Mentoring for team leaders: developing the skills and qualities that a trusted team leader requires to support and challenge staff to achieve shared goals
• Communications and marketing expertise: website planning and organisation, writing and editing publicity, policies, funding bids and award applications
• Developing employability skills and programmes, educational guidance and careers coaching
• Enabling managers to develop diversity and inclusion in their teams while meeting targets and outputs.

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